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Whether you don't know yet what circular procurement is or are already making progress, it is and remains a challenge. This website will help you take the next steps based on your role. It's a benefit for your organisation and for our planet.

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Reviews from others

“We are all familiar with the collection of e-waste. It's something that the medical industry needs too. Although the reuse of medical devices has its challenges, the idea of making a refurbishing showcase of pacemakers was proposed with the intention of sending a signal to processors – if this is possible, anything is possible. The pilot proved inspiring in the industry. Other hospitals now want to get started too. ”
Edwin van Stralen Internal logistics and waste management team leader at UMC Utrecht
“When the current contracts for our furniture came to an end, it seemed like the perfect time for us to take a closer look at the overall work environment. We soon realised that this goes further than, for example, procuring circular offices. So, we put the entire package for office furnishing on the market. We are looking for a cooperation partner who can be the guardian of the entire concept. This requires cooperation throughout the chain, which is new.”
Stephanie Steffers Senior Tender Manager in Procurement at ProRail
“An important lesson we have learned is 'look before you leap'. The first step towards upscaling was to clearly (re)formulate the ambition. For that, we had to go back to basics – what exactly do we mean by circular work clothing, and what do we expect from our suppliers?”
Wendelinde Besier CSR manager at TBI

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