Are you a supplier to end users? Then your job is to procure products or materials yourself before you can supply them to your clients. A circular request from an end user will thus feed through into the chain. First to you as a supplier, and then to your own suppliers.

Timing is often a challenge – when an end user requests a circular product, it doesn’t usually have the time to wait months for you to move the request through your supply chain. To have a circular response ready, therefore, your responsibility as a supplier is to anticipate. Consider pre-selecting a number of ‘preferred circular suppliers’. Once those parties are in the picture, they can also deliver quickly when a circular assignment comes about.

A circular delivery process often involves several people in the organisation. Each role has its own purpose and can promote circularity in its own way. We have listed these below for the roles often involved in such a process. They are roles that occur in both public and private organisations, and are sometimes combined within a single role.

Click on one of the roles below and discover which step in the procurement process you can contribute to and how:

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