End user

As an end user, you purchase products and services for your own use. Think of constructing a road for a local authority or supplying office furniture for a commercial service provider.

End users are located at the very end of a (sometimes long) supply chain. As clients, they can take steps towards achieving the objectives that are important to them, such as circularity. This can be accomplished, for example, by making different choices when it comes to design and use of materials or by making agreements about return requests and residual value.

A circular procurement process often involves various people in an organisation. Each role has its own objective and can encourage circularity in its own way. We have provided an overview of these in a drop-down menu, showing the roles that are often involved. These roles feature in both public and private organisations and are sometimes combined into a single role.

Click on one of the roles below and discover which step in the procurement process you can contribute to and how:

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