Contract manager

You are responsible for managing the contract and for keeping an eye on the supplier’s compliance with the circular commitments. You are aware that circular procurement also requires flexibility on the commissioning side. The circular economy is still in its infancy and considerable practical experience is still needed, including for market parties.

Encourage them to innovate during the contract phase and be accepting if things don’t always go smoothly. Ask your supplier how you can best provide support and what they need from the client.

Circular procurement requires the internal organisation to be prepared for the design of a circular procurement process. What role do you play in this as a contract manager? The following steps will be important to you.

Internal organisation – these are your steps

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Procurement process – these are your steps

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💡 Tips

  • Make sure that you are part of the project team at the start of the tender. Your input is very important when it comes to determining the right scope and level of ambition.
  • Maintain regular contact with the supplier. The current status of commitments must be a fixed topic on the agenda.
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