Smart collaboration pays off: sustainable and local food for healthcare catering on Texel

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    The North Holland healthcare provider Stichting Omring aims for a healthy environment focusing on sustainable food and drinks. On Texel, they are setting up the ‘Green Nursing Home’: a green, circular, healthy, and social care-living facility.

    Fulfilling the assignment

    Client: Stichting Omring

    Project: construction of a circular and green care-living facility

    Procurement procedures: Private procurement

    Award: summer 2021

    Omring is working on sustainable catering with local products as part of their ‘Green Nursing Home’. This care-living facility on Texel will be green, circular, healthy, and social.

    Omring collaborated with the platform I Love Texel to supply local products. This platform connects entrepreneurs and farmers with, among others, the large kitchens on the island.

    Factors that made this project successful

    Matching supply and demand with a handy platform

    Elderly care and local entrepreneurs on Texel complemented each other well. Omring needed healthy and sustainable food, and local farmers, and entrepreneurs had the supply. An entrepreneur then brought the parties together. Thus, the platform I Love Texel was created.

    Taking the lead as an impactful organization

    Healthcare organization Omring has an important role as one of the island’s largest employers on Texel. Investing in mutual relationships was valuable for local food producers and the organization.

    Maintaining a warm relationship with partners

    A lot of attention was paid to the relationship with local entrepreneurs. Continuous investments were made in this area. With success, as the good relationship helped both parties move forward.

    Tips for similar projects

    Find a common goal with stakeholders

    Care-living facilities had a demand for food and beverage preparation. Local entrepreneurs, in turn, provided the supply. A win-win situation. Create a goal that benefits both parties.

    Consider mutual dependency when buying locally

    On Texel, there is a mutual dependency between healthcare organizations and entrepreneurs. In local terms, the volumes purchased here are large. This brings risks, for example, for the continuity of business operations. Even if this is less relevant to your project: approach such a situation with trust and invest in each other’s world.

    Actively search for suitable collaboration partners

    See how these partners can contribute to your sustainability ambitions. Simultaneously inspire other organizations to work on their social responsibilities actively.

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    Video: A short informative video about the setup of The Green Nursing Home on Texel

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